Unstable work of Wi-Fi due with large number of neighboring networks.

If you came to this page, likely you are faced with problem of unstable connection via Wi-Fi network and  connection is often dropped. You probably already guess why this is happening. Maybe, there are many Wi-Fi networks in your apartment and due to interference from these networks you have a problem with the Wi-Fi connection and disconnections.

Nowadays, this problem is so popular. If you live in a flat, it is likely that all of your neighbors have installed Wi-Fi routers. Every router transmits a wireless network and networks overlap one on one. Now, almost all Wi-Fi networks operate in 2.4 GHz band. We have all these networks operate on channels from 1 to 13, but if there are a lot of networks, that mean one channel can run two or more Wi-Fi network. There are can be different problems, which can make interferences.

Let’s try to find out with this problem. First what we need to do is understand – does the problem caused by your router or by something else.

  1. If all devices, which you connect to your wireless network, work nice, but there are one devices work with work unstable, it means that only this device has troubles. So in this case, it’s necessary to find how to fix this device. If this is laptop, you need to check how it works with other networks. Put it near your router and check how it works with it. Maybe there aren’t some failures with interferences, but problems with certain device.
  2. IF you have problems with Wi-Fi channel interferences, you need to change wireless network channel in router’s settings, accept to which you can get by entering in web-interface ( is the most popular IP address of web-interface). You need to try different variants or try to use inSSIDer program for free channel searching.
  3. If channel changing doesn’t solve your problem and you are sure that your problem is caused of large number of neighboring networks, there is one proven option – 5GHz frequency transition. However, you will have to buy a new dual-band router. Better to borrow router for first time just for testing how it will works on 5 GHz frequency. If everything work well, you can think about buying a new router. You can find some buying recommendations in the Internet.

But it’s necessary to note that not every your device (laptops, smartphones, tablets) can be connected to wireless network on 5 GHz frequency. Old devices don’t support this technology.


It’s one of these situations, when really hard to recommend something concrete.  Unstable wireless connection can be caused of something else.  Inferences can be result of neighboring networks, household appliances, adapter problems or broken  Wi-Fi router. You need to test and examine.